Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of processing personal information

The term "IL HWA METAL Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "IL HWA METAL Co., Ltd.") processes personal information for the following purposes and does not apply to any other purpose than: - Used to discuss product inquiries

2. Entrustment of Personal Information Processing

① For smooth personal information processing, IL HWA METAL Co., Ltd. entrusts the following personal information processing activities
② IL HWA METAL Co., Ltd. personal information, in accordance with Article 25 of the Personal Information Protection Act, for the purpose of performing consignment operations, prohibiting the processing of personal information, restricting re-entrustment, managing and supervising trustees, etc.
③ When the contents of the entrusted business and the trustee are changed, this personal information will be opened to the public without delay.

3. Rights and Obligations of Information Entity and Method of Exercise

Users can exercise the following rights as individuals
① Information Agents may exercise the following personal information protection rights at any time when IL HWA METAL Co., Ltd.
1. Request to view personal information
2. If there is a mistake, please correct it.
3. Request deletion
4. Stop processing request

4. Create items for personal information to be processed

① IL HWA METAL Co., Ltd. processes the following personal information items.
1. Contact Product
- Required: Name, Contact, Email Address

5. Disposal of Personal Information

In principle, IL HWA METAL Co., Ltd. will immediately destroy personal information if the purpose of processing the personal information is achieved. The procedure, time limit, and method of disposal are as follows

abandonment procedure
The information entered by the user will be transferred to a separate DB (paper, paper) and saved for a period of time in accordance with internal policies and other relevant laws, or immediately destroyed. In this case, the personal information transferred to the DB is not legally available for any other purpose.

abandonment deadline
When the retention period of personal information of a user has expired, the user shall destroy the personal information within 5 days from the date on which the processing purpose of the personal information is achieved, the service is discontinued, and the business is terminated. However, save the following information for the period specified for the following reasons

-Inclusion of product inquiries
·Preservation period: 1 year (consent of information entity)

6. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information

IL HWA METAL Co., Ltd.'s involves the technical, administrative and physical measures required to ensure safety, according to Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Law.

1. Minimization and Education of Staff Handling Personal Information
We have designated staff to handle personal information, and we are implementing measures to minimize it to the person in charge and manage personal information.
2. Periodic self-auditing
Periodic (once a quarter) audits are conducted to ensure stability in handling personal information.
3. Establishment and implementation of internal control plans
We have established and implemented an internal management plan for safe handling of personal information.
4. Encryption of personal information
User's personal information is encrypted and stored 및Managed and available only to the user, critical data uses separate security features, such as file and transfer encryption and file locking.
5. Technical measures for hacking
IL HWA METAL Co., Ltd. include security programs, periodic updates and checks, and technical/physical monitoring to prevent personal information from being leaked or damaged by hacking or computer viruses. It's blocking.
6. Restrictions on access to personal information
We take necessary measures to control access to personal information by granting, changing, and deleting access rights to the database system that processes personal information. We use an intrusion blocking system to control unauthorized access from the outside.
7. Retention of connection records and prevention of falsification
We store and maintain records connected to our personal information processing system for at least six months and use security features to prevent forgery, alteration, theft and loss.

7. Create personal information security officer

① IL HWA METAL Co., Ltd. is responsible for all of its personal information processing activities and designates a personal information security officer for handling personal information and for handling complaints and damages related to the processing of personal information as follows

▶ Personal Information Security Office Statement: Hyomi Kim, Contact:032-575-7053,
※ It will be connected to the personal information protection department.

② The information entity can contact the person responsible for personal information protection and the department responsible for all personal information protection-related inquiries, complaints, and damage relief that occurred while using IL HWA METAL Co., Ltd. search services (or businesses). IL HWA METAL Co., Ltd. will immediately respond to and process inquiries from information providers.

8. Changes in the policy of handling personal information

① This personal information processing policy will be applied from the effective date and should be notified of any addition, deletion or correction of changes made pursuant to laws and regulations through notification items seven days prior to the effective date.

- Published: November 20, 2019
- Effective Date: November 20, 2019